ServiceNow ACL role 'nobody' role - why can't you access it? and workaround

the answer is that this is a level higher than even elevated privilege - MAINT - which only ServiceNow have not the local instance admins. Will be interesting to see if ServiceNow addresses this in future releases to open up the role to sys_admins

WORKAROUND: can add a custom UI action to enable adding this 

 condition: gs.hasRole('admin')


gs.getSession().setStrictQuery(true); var nobody_role = gs.getProperty('role_nobody'); var acl_role_rel = new GlideRecord('sys_security_acl_role'); acl_role_rel.get('sys_security_acl', current.sys_id); if (acl_role_rel) { acl_role_rel.sys_user_role = nobody_role; acl_role_rel.update(); } action.setRedirectURL(current);






(Courtesy of Mohammad Nassar)


  1. I had no idea that this role even exists!! This is such a great article, thank you so much for sharing!!


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