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SERVICENOW list of clients and partners I've worked for

 see my linkedIn


Clear Skye (current) - they are awesome

Virtual Clarity (now DXC)

Focus Group Europe (now Accenture)

(I have also worked alongside ServiceNow, Dynatrace, HP, Wipro and TCS amongst others)


Helped out with ServiceNow with the following companies:

Government Legal Department (UK Government)
Homes England (UK Government)
HMCTS (UK Government)
Ministry of Justice (UK Government)
Deutsche Bank
Credit Suisse
London Stock Exchange
Mitchells and Butlers
Gatwick Airport
National Grid (UK)
Nokia (UK and Finland)
PNC Bank (UK and USA)
RWE (N-Power)
Standard Life
Learn Direct
Severn Trent Water

(in my previous life prior to ServiceNow I worked for Dept of Educaion (UK Gov) for 1.5 years, and Santander Bank for 11 years)


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