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Using a MACBOOK - basic commands

 After a pause of around 10 years, I am now using a MAC again!!

If like me you initially find using a mac a bit perplexing, below are some functions I found helpful

shift-command-4  take a screenshot

(FYI if you are using snagit and experiencing difficulties pulling a screenshot into word, you can save the snagit file as a photo using dropdown arrow in the top right next to 'share link' and then pull it into word from insert photo)

command B / command Z / command S - set font to bold / undo last action / save - similar to ctrl- on windows

control-down arrow when clicked when you have file explorer open for example, shows how many similar windows you have open enabling you to close them

shift-enter carriage return
note for carriage return in excel use option-enter

option-command-M minimise all windows

ctrl-click right of touch pad - right click (also right click using 2 fingers on right of touchpad does same thing) > use this to filter out from list view in ServiceNow

launchpad view installed apps

browser/url command-click opens link in new tab



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