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ServiceNow Robust Transformer Engine (RTE) changes - Tokyo

ServiceNow Robust Transformer Engine (RTE) changes - Tokyo 


note that you now have to dotWalk for reference fields, which is a change from San Diego:

note also the following:

There is a new UI policy introduced "require path when table is defined" in Tokyo version , which Path will be mandatory when table name is not empty.
On San Diego: Specify the table name for an import entity because there is no UI policy to make Path field as mandatory.

On Tokyo: Don't need to specify both the table name and Path name for an import entity because that UI policy is introduced, system will automatically create the import set table for import entity.

you can clear the table's cache by running the below script from Scripts -Background.


From ServiceNow:
- under "Target entities" in the documentation below the reference field needs to use the dot walked path. The example used in this case is

This behavior changed in Tokyo 
Based on the documentation in step (7) above the customer needs to explicitly specify the dot walk in the "Field/Path" in the record in step (10) above. 


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