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ServiceNow Function Fields for Database Transformations and Calculations


ServiceNow Function Fields for Database Transformations and Calculations


Create function fields and scripts in the Now Platform to perform common database transformations and calculations.

Regular fields store a value in the database. Instead of storing data, a function field displays the results of a database query. Function fields do not have an associated database column. Instead, function fields generate a value based on simple computations of other fields and constants. They can be used like any other fields in the system: in forms, lists, query conditions, reports, and so on.

Warning: A function field that references another function field in the function will result in an error. Function fields don't hold data or evaluate in run-time.

Example: Use case

You want to identify all incidents with a probably useless short description of fewer than 10 characters.

Instead of querying all records to determine which record meets a given criteria, create a function field or function script that retrieves only the records that meet the criteria.


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