ServiceNow Perspectium: work notes duplicates niggle

a duplicate worknote ends up getting written whereby an extra update transaction from Perspectium containing the following in the xml is sent

    <work_notes>_123STREAMENTRY321_original worknotes entered</work_notes>

Not too sure how this has come about but the steps to create it were reproducible

  1. Create problem ticket in ServiceNow instance 1 and send to ServiceNow instance 2
  2. Wait until number returned to ServiceNow instance 1 from ServiceNow instance 2
  3. Go into ServiceNow instance 2
  4. Enter a comment, cick ‘post’, then immediately change the state to <some value>, click save


include some error trapping in a try>catch within the inbound transform map to ultimately set the row to ignore=true

var iWN_err=source.u_work_notes.toUpperCase().indexOf('STREAMENTRY');
if (iWN_err>-1){
                        //--known error whereby the worknote has arrived as a duplicate jumbled string from TSFN
        sErrMsg='STREAMENTRY located in worknote string from TFSNow';
        throw (sErrMsg);


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