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notify when MID switched on in non prod

via event. buiness rule (ecc_agent table)

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {

//--double check that the environment is preprod
var instURL=gs.getProperty('glide.servlet.uri');
if (instURL.toLowerCase()=='https://<>'){
gs.eventQueue('preprod.mid.switchedon', current,'','');

//--now, queue the event on prod also so the email can actually fire

//--run the processor this way, so that service desk do not need import_transformer role to do this
var url='https://<>';
var request=new GlideHTTPRequest(url);
request.setBasicAuth(gs.getProperty('proc_uid'), gs.getProperty('proc_uid'));//--user in SN and credentials replicated to sys properties
request.addHeader('Accept', 'application/json');
//request.addParameter('', '');
var response=request.get();
var httpStatus=response.getStatusCode();
gs.log('TESTRESP:' + httpStatus, 'preprodmid:processorcall');
if (httpStatus!=200 && httpStatus!=201){
throw ('httpStatus error: ' + httpStatus);

}catch (ex){
//gs.addErrorMessage('error--check with ServiceNow team');
gs.logError(ex.toString(), 'preprodmid:processorcall');

})(current, previous);

processor: NAME=preprodmid, PATH=preprodmid, URL=<sn_instance>/

(function process(g_request, g_response, g_processor) {
gs.log('1-entry point--', 'preprodmid');

if (!proc_checkRoles("rest_service") && !proc_checkRoles("admin")){
g_processor.writeOutput('text/plain', 'You are not authorised to view this page');
gs.log('2-unauthorised access', 'preprodmid');
g_processor.writeOutput('text/plain', '1-entry point--preprodmid');
var grMID=new GlideRecord('ecc_agent');
if ({
g_processor.writeOutput('text/plain', '2-queuing PREPROD MID event, notifying SN team--preprodmid');
gs.eventQueue('preprod.mid.switchedon', grMID,'','');
gs.log('2-queuing PREPROD MID event, notifying SN team', 'preprodmid');

})(g_request, g_response, g_processor);

function proc_checkRoles(role){
var au = new ArrayUtil();
var roles = gs.getSession().getRoles() + '';
var roleArray = roles.split(",");
var isAuthorized = au.contains(roleArray, role);
return isAuthorized;


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