Building up a scripted REST api list of catalog tasks plus their variables

called via scripted rest endpoint

script include logic:

getOpenRequests: function() {

        //--done this way due to issues with gliderecord/memory leakage!!
        var responseObj = {};
        try {

            //gs.log('1:' + this.LINUX_SERVER_REQ);
            /*test it this way:
               var si= new _ansible_servicerequest();
               var sRes= si.getOpenRequests()
               gs.print('result:\n ' +JSON.stringify(sRes));
            var itemSYSID = this.LINUX_SERVER_REQ;
            var grTasks = new GlideRecord('sc_task');
            grTasks.addQuery('request_item.cat_item=' + itemSYSID);

            responseObj.numberOfAnsibleTasks = grTasks.getRowCount();

            if (grTasks.getRowCount() > 0) {
                while ( {
var sNum = grTasks.number;
                    //return snNumberList;
                                                                                var taskObj, ritmVariables, variableName;
                    ritmVariables = grTasks.request_item.variables;
                    taskObj = {};
                    taskObj['field:number'] = this.u_getTaskField(grTasks,'number') ;//--use this method to avoid a weird memory leakage on the GlideRecord which I couldnt quite get to the bottom of...
                                                                                taskObj['field:short_description'] = this.u_getTaskField(grTasks,'short_description') ;//--use this
                                                                                taskObj['field:requestor'] = this.u_getRequestValue_ReqFor(grTasks.request) ;//--use this

                    for (variableName in ritmVariables) {
                        if (ritmVariables.hasOwnProperty(variableName) && ritmVariables[variableName]) { //Make sure the property exists and isn't null or unknown.
                            variableName = variableName.toString(); //Make sure we're all proper strings here.
                            taskObj['variable:' +variableName] = ritmVariables[variableName].getDisplayValue().toString();

                    responseObj = this.u_addObjToObj(responseObj, taskObj, 'ansibleTask:' + grTasks. number); 
        } catch (ex) {
            gs.logError('ISSUE:' + ex.toString());

        return responseObj;

u_addObjToObj: function(parent, child, name) {
        parent[name] = child;
        return parent; //Note: Does not break pass-by-reference, because we're declaring a new object on each loop on line 39 above.

u_getTaskField: function (grTask, fieldName){
return (grTask.getValue(fieldName));

u_getRequestValue_ReqFor: function(sysid){
//--insert code to retrieve the requested for from REQ record, pass in task.request as param


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