combined getMessage and url redirect (portal friendly)

var msgKey = 'appointment.exists';
var sURL= '/walkup?id=walkup_online_checkin&view=appointment&location_id=beac2e6bdbc9d414be49fe03f39zzzz&table=wu_appointment&sys_id=' + <sys_id>;

            getMessage(msgKey, function(msg) {
                var res = confirm(msg);
                if (res) {
                    location.href = sURL;
                } else {
                    location.href = "/sp";

get message with embedded url called from portal catalog client script:

message: catalog.costcenter.invalid

Please see <a href="/kb?sys_kb_id=69d4c0a5db2020d4f397127b4b961944&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=1&sysparm_tsqueryId=70f491e1db2d60501beb298a489619a0">KB0013875</a> for more information and instructions on how to update your user profile


var sErrMsg = ""; sErrMsg = getMessage('catalog.costcenter.invalid', function(msg) { sErrMsg=msg; }); spModal.alert(sErrMsg);


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