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Service Portal friendly onsubmit client script to validate attachment is added

[note more simple approach but which only works in portal (may be fixed in later versions):
set 'mandatory attachment' box to true on the catalog item ]

(Courtesy of:

in case the attachment is mandatory dependant on a field value / selection (otherwise you'd just tick the attachment mandatory box)

create a UI script - note, global can be set to false should still work

function getSCAttachmentCount() {
var length;
try {
length = angular.element("#sc_cat_item").scope().attachments.length;
} catch(e) {
length = -1;
return length;

reference the UI script in service portal

This script needs to be included in your Service Portal via the Theme. Go to Service Portal > Portals and select your portal. Then click the reference icon next to the Theme field to go to its record. There is a related list called JS Includes. Create a new one (Source: UI Script) and set the UI Script to GlobalCatalogItemFunctions

Service Portal and classic UI compatible version

Note: isolated script flag must be set to false to prevent an error

function onSubmit() { try { var errMsg="You must attach the Application Discovery Form to submit."; if (typeof spModal != 'undefined') { //--loaded from Service Portal //--For Service Portal var icount = getSCAttachmentCount(); if (icount <= 0) { spModal.alert(errMsg); //return false;//not required if the 'mandatory attachment' checkbox is ticked on the catalog item } } else { //--loaded from classic UI //alert(bPortal); var cat_id =g_form.getParameter('sysparm_item_guid'); //alert('hello2:' + cat_id); //--using a gliderecord in a client script not great, but not much worse than getXMLWait() for catalog client script onSubmit... /*var gr = new GlideRecord("sys_attachment"); gr.addQuery("table_name", "sc_cart_item"); gr.addQuery("table_sys_id", cat_id); gr.query(); if (! { var gm = new GlideModal(); gm.setTitle("Warning"); gm.renderWithContent(errMsg); return false; }*/ var nAttachments = document.querySelectorAll('.attachment_list_items>span').length; //alert("Found " + nAttachments); //--note: Isolate Script must be set to false or an error may be thrown if (nAttachments<1) { var gm = new GlideModal(); gm.setTitle("Warning"); gm.renderWithContent(errMsg); return false; } } } catch (e) { //-- (catch-all) alert('error-pls check [' + e.toString() + ']'); } }

(experiment with setting the 'isolate script' flag to false if there are issues, note this is not displayed on the catalog client script form by default)


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