Good bit of array code (borrowed from walk-up online check in widget)


var m = data.msgs = {};
var userId, userIssue, userIssueId;
var otherIssue = "";
var queueName = '';

m.aboutLocation = gs.getMessage('About this location');
m.agreeModalMsg = gs.getMessage('I still want to leave this queue');
m.agreeSwitchModalMsg = gs.getMessage('I still want to join this queue');
m.cancelMsg = gs.getMessage('Cancel');
m.cancelModalMsg = gs.getMessage('Nevermind, return to main screen');
m.stayInQueueMsg = gs.getMessage('I want to stay in this queue');
m.stayInOtherQueueMsg = gs.getMessage('I want to stay in the other queue');
m.catalogRequestMsg = gs.getMessage('Related content that may help with your issue');
m.changeLocationMsg = gs.getMessage('Change location');
m.closed = gs.getMessage('closed');
m.currentAway = gs.getMessage('Currently away');
m.currentClosed = gs.getMessage('Currently closed');
m.currentServiced = gs.getMessage('Now serving');
m.dialogCancel = gs.getMessage('Cancel');
m.dialogOk = gs.getMessage('Ok');
m.differentQueueHeaderMsg = gs.getMessage('You are present in a different queue.');
m.differentQueueInfoMsg = gs.getMessage('Are you sure you want to remove yourself from the other queue and join this queue?');
m.disagreeMsg = gs.getMessage('No');
m.employeeGreeting = gs.getMessage('What is your reason for visiting?');
m.emptyQueueMsg = gs.getMessage('The queue is currently empty');
m.errorMsg = gs.getMessage('Sorry, looks like something went wrong. Please check the logs.');
m.issueMsg = gs.getMessage('Select a reason for your visit');
m.leaveQueueBtn = gs.getMessage('Leave queue');
m.leaveQueueHeaderMsg = gs.getMessage('Are you sure you want to leave the queue?');
m.leaveQueueInfoMsg = gs.getMessage('You will lose your place in line.');
m.locationMsg = gs.getMessage('Location');
m.loungeHours = gs.getMessage('This weeks hours of operation:');
m.nowServiced = gs.getMessage('A technician is ready to assist you');
m.otherfieldMsg = gs.getMessage('Short Description');
m.queueInvite = gs.getMessage('Join the queue');
m.queuePosition = gs.getMessage('Your queue position');
m.queueStatus = gs.getMessage('Queue status');
m.selectLocMsg = gs.getMessage('Select a tech lounge below to get started');
m.serviceMsg = gs.getMessage('Need service? Select a location and reason for visit below to join a walk-up queue.');
m.submitMsg = gs.getMessage('Check in');
m.textAreaLabel = gs.getMessage('Other');
m.checkInTime = gs.getMessage('Check-in Time');
m.upNext = gs.getMessage('Up next');
m.welcomeMsg = gs.getMessage('Welcome to the walk-up check-in');
m.userUnknown = gs.getMessage('Unknown');
m.bookAppointment = gs.getMessage('Schedule an appointment');
m.scheduleAppointment = gs.getMessage('Schedule appointment');
m.scheduleAppointmentSuccess = gs.getMessage('You have successfully scheduled an appointment');
m.scheduleAppointmentError = gs.getMessage('Unable to schedule an appointment');
m.rescheduleYourAppointment = gs.getMessage('Click to reschedule your appointment');





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