Service Portal Widget: use an spModal in the client controller

in the onload:

function($scope, spModal) {

/* widget controller */ spModal.alert('How do you feel today?');

call from a button: 

client script:

function($scope, spModal) { //... c.alertTest= function(){ spModal.alert('How do you feel today?'); } }



<button ng-click="c.alertTest()">Test Alert</button>

other uses:

input dialog (prompt): 

c.onPrompt = function() { spModal.prompt("Your name please", { = name; }) }

confirm dialog:

c.confirmed = "asking";{ title: 'Delete this Thing?', message: ' Are you <b>sure</b> you want to do that?' }).then(function(confirmed) { c.confirmed = confirmed; })

example confirm with submit to server side script:

c.ma_approveRecord = function(apprTicketNumber, apprTicketNumberSYSID) { spModal.confirm("Are you sure you wish to mark " + apprTicketNumber + " as approved?", { c.confirmed = confirmed; if (c.confirmed) { c.server.get({ action: "approve_ticket", msg: "Approving ticket..." }).then(function(r) { }); } }); }

Further info see developer site


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