Event Management: example JSON for a Dynatrace event

 as per


the endpoint: api/global/em/jsonv2

Sample JSON HTTP Request:

{ "records": [ { "source":"DYNATRACE", "event_class":"ERROR_EVENT", "resource":"xxxx - Manage Case", "node":"xxx - Manage Case", "metric_name":"", "type":"Error event", "severity":"3", "message_key":"-xxxx253735981400619", "description":"BLAHBLAHThe current error rate value of 20.44 was above your auto-baseline of 5.4.", "additional_info":"{ 'problem_id':'xx1234', 'correlation_id':'APPLICATION-D95979FBF884C21E', 'discovered_name':'xxxxxxx', 'dynatrace_severity':'ERROR', 'isRootCause':'false', 'managementZones':['xxx','yyy - eee - ppp','xxx - yyy - Staging','xxx - yyy - LDATA','xxx - Civil testtest - Staging','xxx - yyy - Staging','xxx - Staging'], 'tags':[],'environmentName':'Non Production','environmentId':'xyz','metricName':'builtin:apps.web.xxxx','problemDescription':'APPLICATION | ERROR | HTTP error rate increase' }" } ] }


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