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ServiceNow how to build a link in Slack to redirect into the ServiceNow portal (simple url redirect)

 Due to a few issues with the Slack integration, such as encountering a limit of 100 entries on reference fields, the following is a compromise solution

Slack will use a workflow to create a message and URL to user and redirect them to ServiceNow portal 'Report an Issue' record producer.

Steps to create a Slack workflow

  1. Login to Slack workspace (please contact Slack admin for workspace access)
  2. Click on your workspace name in the top left, Select Tools from the menu and Click on Workflow Builder, which will open in a new window.
  3. From Workflow Builder, click Create in the top right. 
  4. Enter a name for your workflow, then click Next
  5. Click Select next to the trigger(Shortcut) that you'd like to use. 
  6. Select a channel from the drop-down menu. 
  7. Add a short name for your workflow that will be visible in the attachments and shortcuts menu. 
  8.  Click Next.
  9. Click Add step to open the step library.
  10. Select 'Send a message' step.
  11. Click Add next to the step that you’d like to use.
  12. Select 'Channel where workflow started' for 'Send this message to:'
  13. Update message text with ServiceNow instance URL for 'Report an Issue' record producer, click on hyperlink button and add text and link
  14. Click on 'Publish'


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