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 You need to install the MetricBase plugin first but its within ServiceNow's datacenter and not something that the client can do > speak to the ServiceNow Account Manager

App Insights

You would need MetricBase for the dashboard data which works with:

  • An instance that stores machine-generated data
  • A server that has the MetricBase application and database 

Without this connection we get a warning message to say: 500 : Internal Server Error: Metricbase unavailable. Contact support if the issue persists The dashboard then doesn't display any data

 update from ServiceNow:

You need to install the MetricBase plugin first but its within our datacenter and not something the client can do

You will need to follow the steps as per the docs site, and install the MetricBase plugin first.
  • When used with Application Insights there is no charge for MB.  Access to MB as part of Application Insights does not entitle the customer to use MB with other applications.
  • MetricBase is a data store that is tied to the instance in the same was as MariaDB.  This means that the data store is tied to the instance and resides in the same datacenter and supports high availability and failover.
The above is from our BU, you can use MetricBase at no additional cost and as you can see the MB DB is treated in exactly the same way as your main DB with the same level of security. I hope that this answers your query - please dont hesitate to let me know if you have any issues.


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