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ServiceNow dynatraceapi user getting logged out due to ACL permissions - steps to diagnose


- I located the error by viewing the flows from the 'Link to execution' list under 'Alert Execeutions' here:


- Click through to any of the links to execute references the flow designer and you will then see under Action 6:
'The requested flow operation was prohibited by security rules'
- You can review the flow operation and attempt to impersonate the dynatraceapi user with the ACL debugging tools turned on and see if you can find the ACL restricting the user.
- Please refer to our following Docs:
KB1008036 - ACL troubleshooting reference
KB1008035 - ACL debugging tools

Please let me know how you get on with this and if leaving the 'SGO-Dynatrace' alert management rule inactive stops the lockout and your alerts are still working as intended for your organisation we could potentially close out this case unless you require further information.


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