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ServiceNow New in Tokyo

Tokyo user interface:

 Tokyo top features

Translated notifications

o Static translation

o Dynamic translation

App engine

o New tab for managing flows in table & form builder

o Formula builder: use predefined formulas to calculate the value of the column without having to write a script

o Template auditing: share templates with user/group

o Under logic and automation, new email notification builder: create event-based emails that can be also triggered from flows

o Brand new app engine management center (ServiceNow Store): to provide admins with central hub to see all their deployed apps, their usage, request for dev access, where the apps are in their pipeline between environments

UI Builder enhancements

o New condition builder with many configuration options: predefine a query, exclude fields you prefer not to show. Condition builder now added to list component

o New form component which adds user presence so we can know if anyone else looking at/editing same record

o Update to tabs component: conditionally display tabs and adjust orientation of tabs

New service portal features

o Can now display the language picker for unauthenticated guest users

o Can also pass language to the url via the lang parameter

o New sitemap generator plugin (ServiceNow Store): available to help with SCO and getting all your portal pages indexed by search engines

o Smaller updates

Tiny MCE wysiwig editor upgraded to latest version

Service portal dashboard deprecated & replaced by user experience analytics

Employee center now default portal for new instances

Servicenow server side javascript engine upgrade (ECMAScript 2021, feature rollup of ES6 through ES12)

o Currently only available for scoped apps

o Extra features such as let, const

o Template strings/literals

o Support for arrow functions

o Destructuring

o Map objects


(Courtesy of NewRocket   )


(ServiceNow )


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