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ServiceNow installing SNUtils & Slash Commands




- SNUtils is a browser extension to make life easier for admin/developer: search a table, executing functions that normally would take 5 steps> reduce from 5 steps to 1 or 2 steps 
Increased productivity

- add chrome/firefox SNUtils extension - go to browser extension store or grab it here (Chrome example)
(or try, contains the extension for other browsers including on-prem version)
Chrome version also works for Brave and other Chromium based browsers

- add the extension to your browser

- go to your servicenow instance e.g. your PDi

- click the chrome extensions icon (little puzzle icon top right of the browser)

- from there, pin the extension

- looks like this: little cog thingy

- you then get the slash commands by entering / in the left hand nav in your instance (may require a browser restart

can also enable cool script style in background scripts (via SNUtils settings)

and other settings such as being able to see database names next to field labels:


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