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ServiceNow SNUtils Slash Commands - example commands


/code fred > code search commands (in this case search code for 'fred'

table search, e.g. 
(searches all tables containing xml)

sys id search:

then press enter to load the record

navigate to direct page,
e.g. /

/incident. gives you switches (remove the dot to navigate back to tables

example switch: incidents created on today (hit enter and gives you results)

view table structure from within an incident:

/tn  > shows technical names on fields (this can also be switched on / off via the snutils cog)

/lang es > changes the language in the instance (translates all the fields)

/comm event management > searches the community

/api   > search developer references

/br > inline search > control-command-enter opens up the results in a new tab

/spw > service portal widget search

some commands directly on the form

ctrl S > save current record (outside of slashcommand, just on the record!)

command click on the header > gives link to current record in list view

double click on form whitespace > shows field technical names (similar to /tn)

double click on a form label > gives you value of the label. reference field gives you the sys id

ctrl click > can build up encoded query on the field

it's also extensible so you can create your own commands (see the vid, around 10 mins point: )


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