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ServiceNow Scoped App Logging

 ServiceNow Scoped App Logging

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ServiceNow Scoped Application Logging
ServiceNow Scoped Application Logs

gs.warn and gs.error will show up in the application logs
to enable and gs.debug,
Go to the sys_app table (e.g. type sys_app.list in the Application navigator search box), find your scoped app record in the list and open it.

Down in the Related links, you'll see "enable session debugging" - click it.

To debug the Condition field script, enable detailed Business Rule Debugging. Use the Application Navigator to open System Diagnostics >Session Debug > Debug Business Rules (Details). This module turns on logging of debug information to forms and lists. Open the form for a record of interest and force the Business Rule you are debugging to execute by doing whatever is necessary to trigger the Business Rule.

Log level | Description
error (gs.error) | Logs events that might still allow the application to continue running. Setting the log level for an application to error generates error messages only, but does not generate warn, info, or debug messages.
warn (gs.warn) | Logs potentially harmful events. Setting the log level for an application to warn generates error and warn messages, but does not generate info or debug messages.
info ( | Logs informational messages that describe the progress of the application. Setting the log level for an application to info generates info, warn, and error messages, but does not generate debug messages.
debug (gs.debug) | Logs informational events that are useful for debugging an application. Setting the log level for an application to debug generates info, warn, error, and debug messages.


  1. In Left Navigator Bar

  2. Go to System Logs > Application Logs. Use this instead of Script Log Statements, which is used for gs.log


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